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Re: Great video on Ableton Live live looping by Kid Beyond

 >>>>If using only Live as the looping device you have do it that way.

I'm using it differently though, by looping both in Live and in the  
Augustus Looper plug-in, that is opened in one Live channel. I'm  
setting Live to slave to MIDI clock and when I start looping in the  
plug-in it sends out the correct tempo (just like an EDP) and Live  
starts to follow the tempo of my first recorded loop. This scenario  was 
a bit flaky before, but now it seems to work fine with the latest  
versions of Live and Augustus.<<<<

So Live has no unquantised option??? That seems insane. And depressing 
that their perception of music is that it has to be rhythmic. Surely a 
piece of software with the enourmous potential that Live has should be 
facilitating music making of all kinds, not just rhythmic stuff with 
click tracks and pre-recorded drums? How hard would it be to introduce 
an unquantised start/stop record function where the length of the first 
loop could be quantised to or not?

Or maybe it's there and we haven't found it yet!


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