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RE: Gibson Echoplex/Foot Controller for sale

Is your Echoplex still for sale?
How much RAM does it have?
If you have a photo that would be great.

Adrian West

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Sent: Sunday, July 17, 2005 6:57 PM
To: loopers delight
Subject: Gibson Echoplex/Foot Controller for sale

I'm selling my Gibson Echoplex (with Loop IV), foot controller and  
manual. Everything is in excellent condition. I don't know what the  
going price is now, but I'm hoping to get 800 for it. Please email me  
directly: toejam00@mac.com. For details and photos. I would put it up  
on eBay, but I live in Japan and that a bit of a hassle. I buy and  
sell a lot of equipment on the local Yahoo Auctions, but I haven't  
gotten so much as a nibble on the EDP. It's not sold here and there's  
no Japanese manual.