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RE: Famous Acts using Loopmachines?

Correction - Phil Keaggy uses one Jamman (32 sec.) and a Line 6DL4 in his 
solo act.  

(He has two CDs using the Jamman throughout, Acoustic Sketches)  He has 
also released a DVD Live in Philly, but the Salvation Army Band version 
does not have the "Hey Jude" improv outro, though it does have the typical 
extended improv outro.

Phil Keaggy was my introduction to live looping, and I had to get a 
looping device immediately after seeing him use his Jamman (this was 
before he added the DL4 to the set up). 

Trey Anastasio also used the Boomerang when he played with Trey Anastasio 
Band and Oysterhead (not just Phish) 

And John Scofield's back up guitarist (forget his name) uses Ableton Live, 
duing some of Scofield's shows.  

The Horn player from ULU also uses a Boomerang.   

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> He asked me if I know of any really famous and popular acts that are 
> to use loop machines (esp. EDPs) for their music.

Trey Anastasio used 2 Boomerang Phrase Samplers in Phish

Phil Keaggy uses a couple of Jammen in his solo act. On one tune called 
"Salvation Army Band" he created an extended ending ala "Hey, Jude" by the 
Beatles. He layered 2 guitar parts, flipped his acoustic up and sang into 
sound hole layering 3 harmony parts, then played a third guitar part while 
singing ad libs. BIG!

John Scofield, jazz guitarist, uses a Boomerang Phrase Sampler


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