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RE: It's that time again! 2005 Biennial Looper's Survey

 I have recently discovered some new tricks for the hold delay function on
the Vox Tonelab floorboard. Because this is truly a hold delay, and not a
looper where you can determine the start and end points, I was at first
frustrated that as long as it was engaged, it would continue to build up
layers when in hold mode. What I discovered is that I could assign one of
the expression pedals to control the amount of input signal I was feeding
the hold delay, there by allowing me to keep a simple loop going if I want,
or occasionally adding to the loop, and building on it, or releasing the
hold function and letting the original loop decay, before adding more to 
One cool by-product is if I strike a chord or note when the expression 
is in the heal down position, and then go to toe down position, I can 
a loop without the attack of the note, great for chord drones and building
ambient pads. it is also cool for rhythmic stuff if you keep the delay time
on the short side (700-2000 ml seconds) its maximum delay time is 8000 ml
seconds. I think this qualifies as a loop tool. it also got me thinking
about that specific feature: the ability to assign an expression pedal to
control the amount of signal being sent to the looper, and how this might 
a feature unique to the tonelab. it also got me thinking that it could be
accomplished with a loop that didn't have this feature provide one had a
splitter box or stereo output device( stereo chorus box) and a volume pedal
placed before the looper in the signal chain with both the looper output,
and the secondary ouput both plugged in to the mixer/amplifier.  Has anyone
out there tried this with an EDP, Repeater DL4, etc?

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Subject: It's that time again! 2005 Biennial Looper's Survey

Hey Loopers - Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

In November of 2003, we did a survey of the LD list members to find out
what devices they were using for live looping.  It was very informal and
pretty disorganized (I think I still have a headache...), but I tallied
the results into a spreadsheet and posted a PDF version of those results
in the Looper's Delight File Library

It's now two years later, and I figured it might be time to try it
again.  This time, we won't clutter up the list (or my brain!) with the
responses, but instead I'm preparing an online survey form to capture
them.  The survey will be anonymous (unlike 2 years ago), but the form
WILL use cookies to ensure that surveys are only submitted once.  Well,
once per computer - but what would really be the point in trying to
screw with this survey? :)

I'll host the survey, and I give my personal assurances that the data
written/read by the cookies will only be used to block multiple
submissions.  I will NOT provide this information to anyone else, and
cannot see the contents of your cookie myself.

I've started to prepare the form with the following loopers listed (see
bottom).  I'll take any suggested additions into the list until
Saturday.  At that point, I'll post the survey and leave it open for
about a month so that we get the maximum number of respondents.

You won't be able to "write in" a looper once I post the survey.  I will
continue to take offline (emailed) requests for off-list loopers after
the survey starts, but I will have to add them to the results manually
at the end of the survey.  So please - take a look at this list and ask
me to add anything YOU are using as a looper that is not represented.
Part of the fun of this survey is to see what other unusual devices are
being used.

Finally - last year we had some confusion about what to include in the
inventory.  Some folks were posting gear that they used for loop
*mangling* or pre/post loop effecting.  There was also some confusion
about "samplers" vs. "live loopers".  I propose that:

- we do NOT try to inventory effects devices used for per/post loop effects
- we do NOT try to inventory units used to playback prerecorded loops or

Instead, if those things are of interest to others, we can start a new
thread and post them - or perhaps I can setup another survey in the
(distant) future to capture that data.

Here's the list - let me know what needs to be added:

*Echoplex Digital Pro
Electrix Repeater
Line 6 DL-4
Lexicon Jamman
Digitech Jamman
Kaoss Pad I or II
Ableton Live
Boomerang (Orig or Plus)
Akai Headrush
Boss RC-20 (or RC-20XL)
Lexicon Vortex
Line 6 Echo Pro (Rack)
Zoom 2100
Lexicon PCM42 or PCM70 or other
Boss DD-3, 5 or 6
Boss DD-20
Boss GT-3, 5, 6 or 8
Digitech RDS 7.6 (or similar, incl PDS series)
Native Instruments Reaktor
Sonic Foundry Acid
ZVEX Lofi Loop Junky
Lexicon MPX G2
Digitech 2120 or 2112
Eventide Orville, Eclipse (or other)
Roland VG8 or VG88
Roland GP100 (or similar)
Augustus Loop
Electro Harmonix 16 Second Delay (new or reissue)
Maneco Looper (any type)
Digitech GNX (any)
TC Electronic 2290 Delay
DJRND3 (or C-Loops or Peavey Grabber)
TC Electronic D-Two Delay
Akai Samplers (any)
Roland Samplers (any)
Yamaha Samplers (any)
Maestro, Roland, Guyatone, etc Tape Echo machine