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Re: Gear photos (was: Looping shoes)

--- Charlie Milkey <pilotcp@gmail.com> wrote:

> you mean to say that you have a bigger setup?
> now that i've got to see ;)

This setup actually rolls in in one trip from the car!

There are a couple of pics of an earlier version
(2001-2003) of the bigger setup inside the page's
'pics' section. The rig I was using right *before*
that one (affectionately known as the
missioncontrolherniamaker, 1998-2001) was absurdly
huge, featuring a double-width rack that had a mono
synth next to a 12 channel mixer on the top and a
pull-out drawer for the poly synth in the middle under
six spaces (3 x 2), power amps on the bottom, interior
lighting and the all-important bottle opener on the
side. I had a larger vehicle at the time; apart from
needing two people to lift it in and out of the truck,
it was an amazingly quick setup because everything in
the rack stayed wired, and the whole thing was on
wheels. The cover lifted off and became the stand for
the rack, and the pedalboard and rack were connected
by one color-coded snake. Five minute setup, often
less. Stairs presented a bit of a problem, though... I
have some pics of it somewhere...

My bigger setup now is manageable (a 10 over 8 and a
7-space, with essentially the same pedalboard as the
mid-sized rig), although a lot of its components are
currently in the medium rig, so it's definitely not
pret a porter. Also, being in separate racks, there's
a lot more hook-up time...


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