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Re: dd-20 vs. DL4

Yes,the U2 simple tipical delay opr david gilmour,you
know usually setup with the tempo funcion for ex. a
3/4 note and tapping on the downbeat of a 4/4
pattern,groove or whatever,really easy to get with a
DD-20,but not so accurate with the DL4.I tried setting
the delay time rotating knob of the DL4 to the 3/4
note (at around 1.00 o´clock) and saved it a s a patch
but when i tap it doesnt do it  even with the rhythmic
delay model.With the DD-20 it functions with every
anyway i dont use it like that much but this is how i
usually test the tap tempo delay of a unit,by playing
run like hell from the floyd;-)

> What do you mean by "simple the edge type delay
> tempo" - is this a reference
> to "The Edge" of U2 (who, judging from the contentx,
> obviously uses very
> short rhytmic delays)? You might get better results
> (if you do not need the
> "creative sound" delays in that application) by
> using the rhythmic delay
> algorithm and tapping longer intervals.
> I don't use the DL4 for clean delays (because for
> that, I have the D2 or the
> Eclipse), and never use it "in line" (as opposed to
> a send effect) except
> for rehearsal room situations. And obviously, when
> using the filter delay or
> space echo algorithm, I don't look that much for
> clear sound.
> Again, what do you mean by "unpredictable"? What I
> found to be sometimes
> unpredictable (unless you use some precautions) is
> how the expression pedal
> works when switching between user presets. Apart
> from that, it seems quite
> deterministic to me...
>       Rainer


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