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Re: The Case Against True Bypass

> "Hey Pete, do you use True Bypass?"
> Look out there's a lecture coming:
> The "true bypass" function, which is promoted by some, can create 
> dreadful problems with a system that uses many pedals.

> Take for instance 
> a 15 ft guitar cable linked to ten pedals, each linked by a 2 ft cable, 
> and then onto the amp by a 30 ft cable. If all pedals have "true 
> bypass", and are off, then the total cable length hanging on the guitar 
> output will be 63 ft. 

Rather an unlikely scenario I think :-)

Mind you, I'd enjoy the performance possibilities of running
up and down my 20ft pedal board,
and rushing out to the parking lot to adjust the amp.

(level match 101 on it's way)