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Re: Live 8 Beta Looper and Mainstage together - first impressions


no, i don't need multiple clock streams. all i want to do is to have
the first loop send midi clocks that the daw uses to set tempos for
delay-time synching, triggering midi drum patterns and arpeggiator
rates. i only need 1 clock stream, but it has to come from the looper.
somehow, per does this wo crashing mainstage, but i've not been able
to get ms to play nice at all.

On Mon, Mar 9, 2009 at 10:24 AM, Sjaak <tcplugin@scarlet.be> wrote:
>>Warren wrote:
>> Well, Sjaak, that's my point - i *need* those clock outs! why
>> Mainstage can't have a simple control panel to tell it which midi
>> inputs to ignore, like Live has, is just bad interface design
> Warren, I'm trying to understand how you want to use your setup. So you 
>use multiple devices sending midi clock data (merged, so they don't 
>influence each other) and you want to filter these in Mainstage on patch 
>level? And use one of you devices as midi tempo source? In the past, I 
>used a Miditemp router to do this kind of filtering before sending the 
>data to the midi input's of any device. But I'm afraid you can't do that 
>with MS.
> I'm wondering if you can install the OSX version of Midi-Ox which sits 
>between the midi-in port and the midi applications and allows you to do 
>exactly that.
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