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Re: Least Costly Looping Solution

Rick Walker wrote:

> Personally,  my vote goes to the Line 6 DL 4.     At $250, it is the 2nd 
> cheapest live looping stomp box pedal behind the Boss RC2 ($200) but 

In UK, the DL4 is pricey, it's always been 250.
I'd agree it's pretty good tho', and would add some more plusses
to the ones you mentioned. It possesses that rare and
underrated feature the "well thought out user interface".
The echo that is available while looping is a nice bonus, and
can just manage some mini-loops 
...and who doesn't admire the "Bill Walker Signature" filtered echo sound.

The RC2 is 150 here.

The Akai Headrush can be had for just under 100.
It at least allows to create a loop and overdub onto it,
and a limited Undo capability.
The delay settings are frustrating...grit your teeth when tapping a new
delay time always leaves you with silence in the delay, but the analog 
tape sound
is at least "interesting".

The Electro Harmonix Stereo Memory Man at 130 has it's moments too.
Worst feature is that you record a loop by holding down "tap" for 
the duration of the loop, not a good way to get rhythmic accuracy.
No, wait a minute, worst feature is that you have put the unit into
bypass before you can clear the loop.
Well, the EHSMM is a lot of fun as a delay (superb imo), and as a looper 
it's ok
to use in band for the odd loop trick or two.
Wouldn't want to play a looping show with it as the only looper tho'.
As a starter looper it's only an option if you're already in the market
for a delay (tho' not a long enough delay for that sort of looping
really, at 3s max).  
At least it allows you to put down a loop (42s)and overdub and
perhaps find out if the you want to go for a fully featured looper.

Of course, available very cheap 50=pp, or less I expect, 
and probably the most famous
starter looper of all, with basic looper and dual long delay it's.... 

(guess first)


andy butler