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SMM w/Hazari (was: Least Costly Live Looping Solution)

> Id forgotton that... Hmmm.. really like the look of them actually... 
>have you tried them/got one? can it sync to anything.. anyhow?
> Im looking for a looper or echo machine (cheeeeeep) that is triggered 
>(or rather RE-triggered ) via a pulse.
> its not really for my looping setup actually, its for my modular synth 
>setup.. (whole other life, list and friends)

I got one, and there has also been some discussion/comment on this
list in the past (like that one:
Yes, it can sync to your foot pressing the footswitch. What may sound
like a smart-ass' remark (which, in fact, it is), there may be
applications for you:
there are two footswitches. If you apply a rhythmic pulse to one (say,
a quarter-note beat), then it will timestretch the loop to fit in with
your tapped tempo. To retrigger, you have to hit the other switch