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Re: SMM w/Hazari (was: Least Costly Live Looping Solution)

Rainer Straschill wrote:
>> Rainer, did you ever use a SMMwH this as the only looper in a 
>> Somehow, I couldn't quite see that as being practical.
> I'm not entirely sure I understand why you'd see that as not being
> practical - is it because with the SMM, it takes quite a while and a
> number of button presses (bypass - tap/record for 2sec. - bypass -
> tap/record) to erase a loop and start recording a new one?

That's it exactly, plus there's also the disappointment that stopping the 
also bypasses the echo.

Then there's the awkwardness of having to hold down
the button for the duration of the loop and release it accurately.
I find that much more difficult than the regular tap to start,
tap to end method. 

Of course, holding down the OD button while standing, and operating 
a swell pedal with the other, is rather fun.

> I think I
> remember that you already mentioned that as a major limitation from
> your point of view/performance approach when I first wrote about the
> SMM here, but this is not as important for me as it seems to be for
> you, for a number of reasons:
> First, I never ever did a public performance in the past with only one
> device that could play loops of some sort - 

um, actually I'm totally with you on this.
The EHSMMwH is my auxiliary looper of choice at the moment.
It's also nice for adding the odd loop to a band performance.

...but I wonder if it's a good recommendation as first looper.

ok, I've just done a quick test against the Headrush.

Headrush: yes, it's relatively easy to create a new loop,
but nowhere near as nice as the EDP instant re-record.
A bit boring though. Not possible to develop a loop in any way.
It does have it's own "undo" though.

SMM: ...ahh.. it's much more fun. Getting an accurate loop takes
a bit of practise I guess (2 or 3 tries typically for me at the moment).
It's possible to develop the loop though.
...and it's possible to create a loopette with the delay and resample it
to the looper. 

I'm not so familiar with the Boss units, but I feel we have a shortlist 
for Rick's question.

I'll propose this in a separate mail.

> There is a possible workaround, however: if your new loop is the same
> length as the old one, you can simply set feedback to zero and overdub
> the new loop.

Which gives 3 alternatives

1) you follow your suggestion exactly, hear the 2 loops overlap as you 
play, which allows good timing, but
   has harmonic implications.
2) you hold down OD for one two looptimes, and play on the second, which 
   gives a seamless join but needs metronomic timing.
3) First substitute with a harmonically neutral rhythm keeper, then add 
the new loop.


> For the fun of it, I just made the attempt and played a little using
> only the SMM and for my way of playing, it seems to work out just
> fine, although I wouldn't want to do an entire evening worth of
> looping performance that way (but then again, this is true for any
> looper in my case - see above).
>             Rainer