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RE: Virtual repeater

> I would like to get my hands on a virtual repeater, but I'm not even
> sure if the software ever went on sale...  from what I can read on the
> net the software was being launched in fall 2007 and Electrix went
> under in early 2008.  Did any copies of the software ever ship?  
After looking at their early marketing videos, I don't think the
software ever existed.  If you can still find the video, look closely
at the screen as he goes through the motions.  It is almost completely
static aside from some simulated bouncing level meters.
Coincidentally he has a hardware Repeater on the desk next to him out
of sight most of the time.  Hmm.
I suspect they put together a vaporware demo to try and gauge the
amount of interest and attract investors.  Apparently it didn't work.
People looking for Repeater emulators are usually a fan of their
quirky time stretch feature.  There are a lot of software loopers
now but I don't think any of them do time stretch exactly like
the Repeater.  Check out Ambiloop, Augustus Loop, Kenaxis, Logelloop,
Mobius, and SooperLooper.  One of those might meet your needs.