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Re: introducing myself :)

Rico welcome, think you will find it a supportive, informed community, I certainly have and do.
Jim Goodin

On Mon, Mar 23, 2009 at 10:05 AM, rico diessner <rico@ricoloop.com> wrote:

Hi Loopers around the world!

My name is Rico. I come from Berlin and live on Ibiza.
I am a passionate looper and i am happy there is such a strong community out there!

Thanks to all for making that possible!  :)

Finally i signed up for the mailing list.. after 3 years..tssss.  and i am surprised how much it's been growing!
I was surprised finding a lot of post's about me (actually some where kinda rude!!!) 
i want to apologize for my demo wich i gave at the summer NAMM 2006..where i seemed a little too confident and mentioned that
the RC 50 is the most powerful looper in the world!  Actually it was a mistake by me cause i knew there where other
Loop mashines out there with much more diverse functions..  :) well, thanks for your understanding!
by the way.. my perfomance in this video sucked :)

I am happy to join you now and i will get more into it as i have more time now to share and dwell on our creativity!

Love and music and i am happy to hear from you :)

Rico Loop  

p.s. who ever feels like... check me out on www.ricoloop.com

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        http:// www.ricoloop.com


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