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Re: Least Costly Live Looping Solution

Rick Walker schrieb:
> The good news is that we are beginning to see laptops on sale for as 
> little as $400 (USD) With your aforementioned footpedals and breakout
> box this brings the tab up to about $700 (USD)RE

scott hansen schrieb:
> then when the 1st sampler came out and it had  2 sec of sampling, he 
> said how amazing it was, and how they really used it, and what a 
> great tool it was, and how it seemed like a miracle.

Are we all getting old...;-) I remember well my first sampler ( Akai S
612, 1 sec) and how amazing this was. I remeber my first computer (64k
of memory, 1 MHz, two processors (6502 and z80)) and how amazing this
was. To get hands on powerful gear like that today wouldn't require
money at all...;-)

Jeff Duke schrieb:
> Mark, you know what you might be looking for is a Digitech 7.6 sec
> Time Machine.

This was my first looper, together with a SPX 90 I could do miracles at
that time...

Looping never was a question of gear alone, first you need something to
make noise, an old four string guitar for example. Then after you found
out that a guitar needs two more strings and how to tune them, and that
an acoustic doesn't sound like Jimi you might start to think about gear.
You would still find it if your in to it. No matter if you have money or

As any music making, inspiration and knowledge are the main drawbacks,
not money.

You can get a laptop of decent power for much less than $400, even for
free. But without knowledge you won't be able to do much with it...
Once I found a Roland tape echo on the street, without an instrument
there wouldn't be much looping either...

Someone who is interested to get into looping has already an instrument.
Nobody would ever consider buying new gear for a test drive. You get
anything cheap on ebay or even better on the flee market or even better
better from your neighbours cave... There is no price tag for getting
into looping. I would advice anybody to go to the Loopers Delight site
and remember all the names of gear, also lurk on the list (requires a
computer already) and then look around and just grab it if it flies by.
If you are lucky its a time machine (the Digitech, not to go back in
time, that's for us grandfather nerds...;-)


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