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Re: Audio D-Touch...

At 7:33 AM +0200 9/9/09, Raul Bonell wrote:
>... and there's a commercial site about here:

The ReacTIVision and TUIO implementations look pretty cool. 
Although, like Max and Jitter, they look more like programming 
environments than ready-to-use tools, from what I can see.

For our purposes here, it looks like the D-Touch Sequencer has an 
obvious leg-up, IMNSHO, in that the software is already set up to 
Record Audio and Loop.

And it seems as if some Loop manipulation functions -- volume and 
position, playback rate, start/end points, etc. -- are already 
implemented as well.  With only some minor modifications you could 
probably have a pretty interesting laptop Looper right out of the box 
(hrm, I wonder if you could remap volume --> feedback?).


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