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A new piece of music... seriously warped blues.. Improvised looping

Had the idea to start a improvisation with a heavy blues riff and cliche soloing over the top and then somehow mangle it with the EDP. I have  now started to use a MIDI controller (roland) and have some buttons for half/full speed as well as reverse... this time i quite often overdub while reversing and changing speed. I also have Feedback as expression on the MIDI board and found that it is quite nice to use it rhythmically, quickly rocking to near zero to get a swell in the cycle..
I like the last half the best.. maybe I should do some editing put on the other hand I quite like the listener to hear the whole thing. THis is a improvised no fixes one take..
Anyway, please give it a listen and I appreciate constructive criticism.. A LOT
(by the way gear besides the EDP is a Custom By Cougar 50w ODS (Dumble) style amp that I bought used this week. The previous owner wanted a Robben Ford style of tone, with me playing it sounds perhaps more like Kaiser... anyway I think the amp is great. Guitar is  a brand new hollow body Soloway Swan. As you may know I love these guitar and this hollow is great for this type of playing, it is easy to get into semi controlled feedback. The guitar has two singel coils, DiMarzios . a virtual solo in bridge and virtual tele in neck. Please feel free to discuss GEAR as i love GEAR :-) )