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Just received my Boomerang III yesterday

I just took delivery on a brand new Boomerang III yesterday. Here's my 

First, this is a "pre-production" unit. That means that playing multiple 
loops together is not implemented yet, except for using loop 3 as a 
loop, in which case you can slave the other 3 loops to it.

The unit arrived in absolutely perfect shape cosmetically. It looks a lot 
nicer than it does in the pics on the site, and it is much smaller in size 
than the Boomerang II. In fact, I was surprised how small it is, yet it is 
large enough to have plenty of room around each button.

The buttons are the same that are used on the old 'Rang. I think these are 
perfect for a looper because they are very flat, low-profile and they have 
minumum of throw distance. All this helps in timing, IMO.

Sound quality wise, I find the fidelity to be supurb. The recorded loops 
sound exactly like the original signal through my Hartke acoustic amp. The 
input level is very forgiving and I have yet to see any clipping at all. 
unit handles all that internally (no switches and no input knob). The 
is clean and clear even when playing 9 or 10 layers simultaneously. The 
volume controls, which are mechanically detented, change the levels in 
fine increments, not in perceptable steps. This is a real plus. I'm able 
dial in the exactl levels I need for the loop playback.

Undo and redo works perfectly. There are no audible dropouts or seams 
between loops. I play one song with a 2.3 second loop, and unlike many 
modern loopers which have a minimum of 5 seconds or more, the Boomerang 
handles those super-short loops with ease.

I'm really trying hard right now to find something to complain about in 
order to make this a fair, balanced review, but I'm hard-pressed to come 
with anything. Certainly as I use it I will think to myself, "I wish it 
this or that feature", but let me tell you guys, right out of the box, 
looper is an absolute monster with some real teeth.