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Re: FC-7 resistor wattage?

Just wanna say thanks to Andy B.  and anyone else who chimed in on the
resistor thing.  I ended up using 1/4 Watt and it turned out great!  I
know some people (EDPers) are into those little plastic buttons and
it's gonna take me awhile to get used to the larger metal ones - but,
now it feels like my FC-7 is built like a tank and I can't remember
the last time it ran so smooth! (it's gonna be a nice loopy weekend!)

For anyone who's interested - I got the big shiny buttons from British
Audio and ordered the resistors over the phone w/ Digi-Key -   They
were esp helpful and insightful - esp for someone who doesn't know
their way around resistors very well...;)

Andy G.