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The 5° Florence Live Looping Festival

A unique opportunity to see musicians from around the world participating in an absolutely free for a festival

which is becoming an important and recognized at international level.

The 'live looping' is a very interesting form of structured improvisation that takes the listener through overlapping sound

fascinating to listen to evolving sonic textures.

Needless to say that every performance is unique and unrepeatable.

Officine C.R.O.M.A. & Cambiamusica! 

are proud to announce 

 V° FLLF Florence Live Looping Festival

  Y2KXII International Live Looping Festival affiliated

Teatro blu - Parco dell'anconella

Firenze 9 pm

free entrance

Sabato 14 Luglio:

1 Antony Hequet (Guitars – France)

2 Georgina Brett (Voice- England)

3 Michael Peters (Guitars - Germany)

4 Pako Mondragon (Guitar,Voice – Mexico)

5 Randof Arriola (Guitars – Singapore),

Domenica 15 Luglio:

1 Lucho Prado (solochiman) (guitars – Chile/Cesena)

2 Riccardo Masala Spaggiari (Masala) (Percussions - Reggio Emilia)

3 Fabio Anile (keyboards - Roma)

4 Croma Art Ensemble - (Firenze)

Thanks to Fabio Anile