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Re: keyboard and covers for logic pro 9

Logic key commands have changed quite often. The reason for that is
that there is no "standard setup", since most Logic users make their
own choice on what key commands to use. It is so easy to save your key
commands to a USB stick and bring (or keep at your online dropbox) if
working at some other studio.

People use to talk in a comparative way about Pro Tools and Logic
saying that Pro Tools is for music engineers while Logic is for music
composers. Therefore Logic is not "an application to learn" but rather
"a tool to use". Simply put, you can't learn Logic; you should rather
learn Music Recording Production. Then you can pick the tools you need
from the vast Logic toolbox in order to get the job done. The key
commands issue is one example of this.

Here are some useful Logic hints:
- Study all drop-down menues. The key current commands are displayed
by the commands.
- Hit "alt k" for the Key Commands List. Study it and get inspired for
a work-flow.  (Note that there are hundreds of more command than would
ever fit into the drop-down menue, but here every damn process you can
parform in Logic is listed. Sorted under headers of the work space
windows they are affecting data in).
- When choosing some new key commands for your own work-flow, do not
change or delete those who came with the default installation.

Some fav key commands I always add for my personal setup are:

1. Play from Previous Bar.
2. Play from Left Window Edge.
3. Set Locators by Regions/Events/Marquee.

I also set Logic to not allow diagonal dragging of objects, because
that is asking for troubles (you never know when you dropped something
at the wrong place until after a while when you hear that the music is
fucked up by some stupid "programming mistake"). In the long run it
goes faster to drag stuff with two mouse clicks when going diagonal
(since you rarely make mistakes then):

The place is "Preferences / General / Editing".
At "Limit Dragging to One Direction In" I suggest you select both
"Arrange" and "Piano Roll and Score".

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen

On Wed, Jul 4, 2012 at 6:42 PM, Luis Angulo <louie.angulo@yahoo.com> wrote:
> yo gang,
> since moving from Sonar to Logic my workflow has gone a bit slower since 
> im
> not too acquainted yet with all of the keyboard shorcuts
> i have the small wireless keyboard that comes with the imac but ive been
> checking out for alternatives
> this company sells the cover for this keyobard but they dont have a pic 
> of
> it yet:
> http://www.kbcovers.com/servlet/Categories?category=Logic+Pro%2FExpress
> But im debating wether i should get that or the bigger numeric keypad 
> apple
> keyboard and a cover which would run about 90.-dlls
> or just the logic ready keyboard like this one which is 9 dlls more:
> http://www.amazon.com/LogicKeyboard-Logic-Preset-Keyboard-Express/dp/B005U7WUU6
> but i dont know if Logic key commands will change in the future then i d 
> be
> stucked with this keyboard
> plus if someone uses my mac they ill probably be tripping with such a 
> flashy
> keyboard;-)
> any experiences or comments?
> http://www.myspace.com/luisangulocom