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Re: my open letter to DIGITECH (begging for a better delay based looper)

Totally agree, though since I'm completely computer based these days, I'd love to see a pds8000 vst effect. 

I love the PSP 42 vst, but if it had 20 seconds of delay I'd use it a lot more!

On Sun, Jul 15, 2012 at 4:20 PM, Scott Hansen <evanpeewee@gmail.com> wrote:
decided to share what i did when i was bored yesterday.
i was on TGP (the gear page) looking something up, and saw that some digitech rep had asked for folks to fill out some survey. so i did, i was hoping
that it would have some "comments welcome" at the end, but it didn't. but they did post their email for support (which i'm sure is on their website, but
since i only have a DL8 and not one of their multieffects units, i don't check their website much....). anyway, i figured i post many messages to
this site and to TGP begging digitech to put out some better delay that is similar to their old pds8000 (for the pitchshifting varispeed stuff that bill frisell used to do).
i figured bill frisell probably doesn't email them asking for them to do this (although he should), i figured i'd do it. i doubt i have any weight in the world,
but it's worth a shot.
this is what i sent yesterday:
dear digitech-
i have posted similar things on the loopers-delight.com and thegearpage websites (as an open letter).
i decided to just send you an email directly. i filled out some survey thing you had, hoping it had some comments at the end, but it didn't.
i'm writing to ask/beg/implore you to reissue or make some new variation of the
digitech pds8000 delay-this would be the one that the guitarist bill frisell used to use in the past to great effect.
or the
lexicon pcm 42 -that david torn uses still (for 30+ yrs, his is modded to have 20 sec of delay)
Both of these delays hold the notes w/in the delay and you could modulate the time from fast to slow or slow to fast (raise or lowers pitch)
i currently have your digitech dl8-and i like it for it's 8 sec of delay (i don't use the loop function, that's a joke to me), but i honestly wish it would do what the
pds8000  or the pcm 42 could do.
i know that you have the various new versions of the jamman pedals out-which honestly is also a joke i think. i'm tired of creating static loops. i am a person
who likes to manipulate the loops and mess w/ time.
heck, if you want to make it like the old electro harmonix 16ddl and add reverse to the delay, that would be awesome also! but i won't shoot for the moon. (B Frisell also used that)
i don't know what chip is in the pds8000, but it would be great if you could make that or some version of it again.
stop putting out all these delays that when you just manipulate the time, it just kind of slurs or warps the sound, but the original info is not really there.
i know you seem to be moving into the IPAD version of effects, but honestly, the pds8000 which came out in the late 80s or early 90s, to me seems like a better device.
maybe you could make it as some type of NEW DELAY BASED LOOPER-sort of like the pds8000 or the lexicon pcm 42-that would be perfect.
please note that i am not a famous or great guitarist like the 2 i've mentioned, i'm just a guitarist who likes to use delay based loopers, and am sick of all the phrase sampler loopers that
get released that really don't do anything except static loops.
Scott Hansen

Art Simon