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Re: OT: Tangerine Dream

Obladi = Sir Paul
Yellow Submarine = Genius

--- On Mon, 7/16/12, Paul Richards <paulrichard_rocks@yahoo.com> wrote:

From: Paul Richards <paulrichard_rocks@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: OT: Tangerine Dream
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Date: Monday, July 16, 2012, 8:56 PM

My point was that there is so much worse music out there, criticizing TG seems excessively harsh. I mentioned Ringo because Backoff Boogaloo is a song that could have been written by a 9 year old and certainly didn't require any analysis about the process used.
Frankly, I haven't actually HEARD anything TG has done recently.
In any case, I made a "mix" of several of their "heyday" albums (some of the stuff on their CD's is boring) and that mix still rocks today.
BTW, expletives don't bother me in the least as I ususally curse like a sailor!
Regards, Paul

(shame they turned out so shit in the end...)
Harsh, man, harsh. Anything they may have evolved into is covered by their earlier successes. I mean, hell man, I heard Ringo Starr recently discussing his songwriting process using the song Backoff Boogaloo as an example. Not 'xactly a song for the ages.
Ha ha ha! Oops! Sorry! Im really not sure what the Backoff Boogaloo thing was supposed to prove? Er.. Ringo wasnt exactly KNOWN for his er... "song" writing... I can only think of Obladi and Yellow Sub Marine... oops... I think I only sounded harsh cos I used an expletive, that often seems to offend Americans more than Europeans, I dont know why, (less religious perhaps, maybe Americans are more worried about offending, in case of law suits? ..OK kidding now... but there IS some cultural difference here...) anyway we´re all grown-ups here arnt we? OK, I admit I was not writing a review here, just expressing a personal opinion, to me, "The Tangs" have sounded like elevator music for the last 15 years... and if you say something like "Well they proved them selves by their earlier works so they are allowed to be crap now without anyone mentioning it.. well thats a bit silly .. right? Do you LIKE what they do now, if so, argue with me... tell me why!!! Personally I think its shit... but that in NO WAY takes away, for me, how I feel about Phædra or Rubicon... Which are 2 or the darkest, moodiest, scariest, most gothic albums I have ever owned... No wonder they sound good in churches!!! Despite the "shit" comment, Tangerine Dream are one of my favorite bands ever... Oh, just a small point Paul, can you remember to edit your mails so they dont keep the whole thread, it can be a bit annoying for the Digest users.. (Er.. Rick) Just the last relevant post is OK with most.. cheers Mark