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Kemper Profilier Amp

Pretty interesting concept , a real amp cloner!!!
this machine takes the DNA of your favorite vintage amps by sending a series of tone signals it into the input of your amp and stores them into presets!
however it does not profile the EQ amp knobs as they supply their own
it sounds really good to my ears,perfect for studio productions
however at 1450.eur i wonder if it makes a whole lot of difference form a regular amp modeler direct into the P.A. system
you still dont have the speaker/power amp "thump" response of an amp
fractal audio was claiming the same story when it came out
their internal efx are quite limited though they say the will upgrade them
it d be cool if it could clone all those vintage stomp boxes,fuzz.,echos etc. as well!
so is it time now really to get rid of your amps and just clone them with this thing?