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Minimum spec PC for Abelton Live

I realise this is a pretty sticky question.

But today it is my step-sons birthday, and he makes some pretty weird stuff using Abelton Live.
for example:
He would like to do it ... er Live, but has no lap-top, only a great big iMac.

Unfortunately I dont have enough money to buy him a Mac Book Pro, (hell I dont have enough for my OWN MBP, my company buys me all my computers...) and he says he would be just as happy with a PC. But.. what...

The question is simply...
IF he has has an external sound card (I think its a NI AudioControl 1)...
AND he is using external disks for  (therofore not needing a really HUGE hd)...
What is the minimum spec PC I would need to go for for a lap-top for pretty standard Abelton Live use. (By that I mean playing loops, synths and effects... but not too much recording of live instruments I imagine)
I guerss Im talking memory AND CPU?

quick response would be good, as he´s coming to dinner later and it would be good to show him a sales receipt!!


mark francombe
twitter @markfrancombe