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Echoloop Presets?

while we´re on the subject of Echoloop, can someone tell me how one goes about creating and changing "presets", (to use an EDP term). I can see how to select different Insert Modes for example, but how do I change them "on the fly" from a foot pedal? I also need to get into SuS Record and Stutter mode too... (I can see how to do that too, but not how to make a "snapshot" of settings that I can bring up with one foot press.
On my EDPs I have one bank that has all the Presets I need, 1 thru 5 (then they are repeated on pedal numbers 6 thru 10, except the have Midi set OUT (for receiving clock from the drum machine instead of sending clock)

On my software setup (Mobius and Echoloop in Audio Mulch) I dont know how to do this and have to bend over and select stuff with the mouse, which is less than OK.


Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe