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Re: How often do you listen to your own music?

I tend to listen to newly made music for 2 to 3 weeks. It allows me to pick out all the garbage that was recorded. My music partner thinks it's all good, bad notes, etc. Then I put it away. After  6 months or so, I pull it out again, and most of it don't sound so bad. Our method has always been playing in real time to stereo tape. My partner cannot tolerate music that requires effort. My early stuff, before we met, is sill listenable, and I listen to it every other month or so. I have moved 200 miles from my collaborator, and am determined to make music that is intended, rather than jamming along looking for happy accidents. Not that I would not welcome them of course, I'm sure happy accidents serve a  larger role in original music composition than most people realize.

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Subject: How often do you listen to your own music?

I guess this is a rather odd question but I'm curious. Do you only listen to it for improvement? Or do you enjoy listening to yourself just as you would listen to an artist you like?