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Re: Recommend an ABC switch, And cool loop selector alert

In the think outside the box department, this could serve as both a pedal riser and your splitter with better specs and some added clean gain, can be had on E bay or found gathering dust in a used music gear shop near you, did I say stereo if you want it? try to find one with an internal power supply rather than a wall wart.

 This is not really what you are looking for but I find this little hardware piece very interesting and something i might consider as a more sophisticated effects loop for getting more control over my stomp box distortion pedals or delays and loopers that are capable of wet only operation, as it can operate both in series and in parallel modes with variable blend.  The idea of being able to set my main overdrive to a really fat solo sound, and then preset a blended with direct tone for more definition on chords that I can toggle between is most intriguing.