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Reptilian Reptilian was Reptilian

I hope black metal doesn't include all the technique and creativity
known to man! It would be a world of "JUD"!

"Hello, How are you doing" would be translated as "JUD JUD!
JudJudJudJudJudJudJudJud JUD! JudJudJud JUD! JudJudJudJudJud"

Matt Davignon
Podcast! http://ribosomematt.podomatic.com

Rick Walker was all:
>> no repetition if I can help it................after 30 seconds, it's
>> almost completely unlistenable, despite the years of technique and 
>> creativity I've put
>> into trying to achieve some mastery of my instrument.

Then Daniel Thomas was like:
> Isn't there a musical genre dedicated to this approach?   "Black Metal"