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Re: fUNKY 5 gUITAR dUB - yet again an octatrack guitar looping jam...

oops. I didn't mean to send out an empty message. Anders I really liked that track. I'm liking what you are doing with the OT. 

I got rid of a Machinedrum because I didn't connect with the interface. I guess you aren't having any problem with the OT. Keep the great tracks coming!


On Sep 27, 2012, at 7:37 AM, Anders Bergdahl wrote:

set most tracks sequencers to 20 steps, so it's a 5/4 piece, sort of, three loops/pickup track, three flex track mmanipulating and playing the loops and a bass and a drum trak.
All recorded live, playing guitar, looping altering sequences, parametars... HAVING fun.. 21 century live looping... :-)