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Re: HELP with backing up insecure data for Y2K12 Loop Festival

Hey Rick,

Here are no cost options for you:

1) A wifi network is probably the best way to go. Do you have a wifi
router?  If not you can create an adhoc network from your win7 machine
(assuming it has wifi):

This describes PC to Mac file transfer, but it works the other way as
well if you allow that when you make the pc folder shared (just drag
the files on your mac to the shared folder):


2) You could also send everything to the cloud and download what you
need to your pc (or keep it in the cloud?).

This describes how to import thunderbird emails into gmail:


On Fri, Sep 28, 2012 at 8:40 AM, Mark Hamburg <mark@grubmah.com> wrote:
> You either need to create a network that both machines can see each 
> other on and share files — a task that is sufficiently fraught that I 
> would be uncomfortable trying to advise how to do it other than in 
> person where I could curse and swear at the equipment — or you need a 
> portable drive in a format both can deal with which probably means 
> Fat32. Staples has sufficiently large USB flash drives for twenty to 
> thirty dollars. If you wanted to go cheaper or had a smaller flash 
> drive, you could try zip compressing the files on the Mac using the 
> archive command.
> Mark
> On Sep 28, 2012, at 4:09 AM, Per Boysen <perboysen@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Don't just transfer data. Find out what the mutual interchange format
>> is and export as a file of that format. Move the file to the next
>> computer and import it into that system's email client.
>> I did this a lot a decade ago, when running Office for email under
>> Windows. But I don't remember the formats (maybe they was called
>> ".pst"?). Maybe such a simple thing as an Excel document (.xls for
>> Windows, best handled by Numbers on a Mac) will well contain the data
>> for the transfer?
>> I remember you used Gmail in the past. Did you stop doing that?
>> Doubling up by piping downloaded emails through Gmail is a sort of
>> "cloud backup". Maybe the correspondance has copies in Gmail? Then you
>> can download what you want on the local Windows disc from there.
>> Greetings from Sweden
>> Per Boysen
>> www.perboysen.com
>> http://www.youtube.com/perboysen
>> On Fri, Sep 28, 2012 at 12:24 PM, Rick Walker <looppool@cruzio.com> 
>> wrote:
>>> I have a 5 year old MacBook Pro that is really starting to fall apart 
>>> on me.
>>> I've faithfully used to back it up but it's looking like it's time to 
>>> jump
>>> ship and get
>>> a new laptop.
>>> My problem is that all of the Y2K12 Loopfestival Data is all in my 
>>> Mozilla
>>> Thunderbird email client
>>> installed on OS X and I"m having fits trying to move that data over to 
>>> my
>>> WIN 7 quad core desktop
>>> computer.
>>> I have the MBP  stuff backed up on my TIME MACHINE external harddrive 
>>> but my
>>> PC running WIN 7 won't recognize the data (USB 2.0 connection).
>>> Neither will the MBP let me migrate the data to my  WIN 7 backup 
>>> portable
>>> Hard Drives (I understand
>>> that the Fat 32 system will not recognize the NTFC or NTSC file 
>>> systems.
>>> (spelling?).
>>> I can transfer files from the WIN machine to the OS X, but I can't 
>>> going the
>>> other direction which
>>> is the problem.
>>> Can anyone recommend to me how I can get my 14 gigs of backup e-mail 
>>> data,
>>> email profiles and, most importantly,  my email addresses from the MBP 
>>> to
>>> the WIN 7 machine.
>>> I downloaded the proper import/export tool as an add on to both the 
>>> MBP and
>>> WIN 7 versions
>>> of Mozilla Thunderbird, but just can't figure out how to get the data 
>>> from
>>> one computer to the next.
>>> Thanks for you help.................I'm very nervous about getting 
>>> this data
>>> transferred before my
>>> MBP finally bites the dust.
>>> yours,  Rick Walker