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Re: Zoe Keating in NY Times article.@borisfx.com

Hi Rick

I don't know much about Itunes or Spotify.
But I do know a lot about Pandora.
The way I see it, it's one of the best things that have ever happened for niche musicians like us. It's not the best for big million selling artists, but one of the founding principles of Pandora is to create a musician middle class.
In other words, it provides a way for small artists to reach their 
And it is slowly working for many indy artists.

JC Mendizabal
Black Note Music

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On 1/30/2013 3:44 PM, Rick Walker wrote:
I get a lot of 'quit crying over spilt milk'  kinds of responses
to my own anger about the way that music and musicians have been so devalued in our culture due to the new paradigm shift of downloading (and the demise of the CD)

I know it's not going to change (though I have some powerful friends who are attempting to
come up with a new paradigm---more on that later),
but what I've noticed is that people are really uncomfortable about
anger being expressed openly in a public forum,  but they seem completely
okay with the major companies being completely usurous and exploitive.
It's a sort of <shrugs shoulders> "regretful but that's the way it is and we
are powerless over it."

At the same time,  major corporations spend millions of dollars trying to
improve their images through the media (look at BP after their Gulf of Mexico debacle)...........the major corporations DO listen to public opinion and they do respond when there is a grass roots surge of protest. Even the largest company
on earth, currently,  Apple,  is suddenly scrambling
to try and bring some of their manufacturing back onto US soil because of
universal public displeasure at the disclosures about the slave wage conditions
of their Chinese manufacturing sites.

At one point in this country in the last century,
  the major industries heavily exploited their laborers and they rose up
against them and the Labor Unions were created and Child Labor laws
were created and the 40 hour work week was established............all
humanizing and positive influences in our culture.

It took,  however,  major displeasure by the government and industry
and a lot of indignant anger and organizing to forge those changes.

iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and their ilk are exploitive..........period. point. dot. Apple went from a cool 'underground' artsy company to the largest multi-media (indeed, purely the largest) company on the planet, partially because of their
technological innovation and partially because of this very exploitation.

Why don't we all just say "NO,  not any more"  to these people?

It has nothing to do with being an old fart.