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Re: Vox Delaylab- very mini review

I checked this out under less noisy conditions and found it to be good sounding but also disappointing because I have expectations that someone it going to come up with a real DL-4 killer, more loop time , more delay time and the for me , basic features like half speed, undo, and reverse. perhaps even multiply. was I surprised? no. Though I'm happy with it in nearly every other regard, the looper on the Eventide Timefactor is very sophisticated in its ability to record at different track speeds, and it has an actual replace feature that can be activated by a long press. But alas, it has such a minimal amount of loop time its nearly worthless to me as a stand alone looper, frustrating. Its interface really needs an extra midi pedal to get the most out of it, though I've been limping along with an extra 3 button assignable switch for a while. Also, though it seems to slave to midi clock well, I haven't dug deep enough to find out how to prevent the machine from starting by itself when the master midi device hits the down beat threshold point, very annoying if you want to stop the Timelines Loop while your master midi source continues to play. So do we have a trend here? It seems like the majority of the stand alone delays/loopers on the market fall down feature-wise in the looper department. Is the Strymon Timeline any different?

PS if its one of the little Korg clip on tuners, I have one, they are cool, so it was worth the effort Andy!