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an indie music award/competition, not specifically looping, but you can get involved if you want

Hello! There has been this competition that's been going on since 2000; 
I'm pretty sure entering 
is free. Every week, the music competition known as Song Fight occurs.  
Musicians on the 
internet visit the contest website, and look at what the song title (or 
theme) of the week is. 
(Well, approximately one week). Musicians (not too much looping, but I'm 
sure they'd be 
happy if some loopers joined) send the songs to the competition by email. 
There is a guideline for what 
the subject of the email, the body of the email, and the file name, 
whether attached or linked to, should be. 
For example, from now until February 12th, the theme is Starting a Witch 
Hunt. Right now, last 
week's theme, Canadian Girlfriend, is displaying, so people can vote. 
Basically, this is how it 
works. A few weeks ago the theme was Our Plans Are On Hold. People 
submitted their songs. 
When the next theme, Canadian Girlfriend, was accepting submissions, 
people were voting on the Our 
Plans Are On Hold songs. When the Our Plans Are On Hold songs were 
officially released 
on the virtual album, Starting a Witch Hunt became the official theme, and 
the Canadian 
Girlfriend songs are being voted on. That means, whatever next 
competition's theme is, when people are 
submitting their songs, they'll also be voting on the Witch Hunt songs, 
and the Canadian 
Girlfriend album will be released. So it's a cycle. Here's the site.
Tyler Z