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Re: Atmospheric post rock track

Very nice indeed. A very full and complex sound without becoming mushy or busy. The AxeFX does sound great. Did you do much mixing on the track or is that pretty much just the output of the AxeFX (plus the drums)?

I'm seriously debating whether or not I can afford or justify owning one - I keep waiting for the price to drop on second hand ones but that doesn't seem to be happening! I recently bought a Yamaha THR10C, which sounds amazing and is perfect for a nice, simple practice amp but it's pretty rudimentary tweaking-wise (and I love to tweak).

Anyway, it's good to hear the AxeFX used on such a nice piece of music. Most of the demos for it do one of three things: cheesy blues/shred/elevator music, chug-a-chug-chug death metal or mushy, over-effected ambient sound-gunk!


--On 11 February 2013 15:09 +0100 Per Boysen <perboysen@gmail.com> wrote:

(posted this clip on Dennis Facebook group too, so if you listened
there you might not bother clicking the link below)

Today's recording of an atmospheric post rock guitar track:

Circumstances had me returning to guitar based somewhat "traditional"
music for a day - and it has been great fun! I was thinking about the
"realistic drum programming" thread when creating this music, but
truth is that drums are not made to sound realistic here. I just did
what fitted the music sound-wise and emotionally, so there's a fair
chance drummers might turn green-face and run off...

I'm very happy with the sound the AxeFx gave this particular guitar
starting around 2:40 into this track; a sheen that isn't to be found
in the previously recorded guitars of the track (RME line-in). This
guitar is very special to me as well, I bought one of the massively
under-priced now discontinued Epiphone Les Paul Ultra II with the idea
to turn it into sounding like a Gretsch "hollow body Les Paul".
Therefore I replaced the dull Epiphone humbuckers with Lace
Alumitones. This Epiphone also has a Shadow Nanomag active PU in the
neck to give a semi acoustic sound, but I found that together with the
two Alumitones the Nanomag's tone knob works as a
morphing-pickups-out-of-phase control (it actually affects the
Alumitones, so there must be some erroneous wiring inside, but I love
it that way!). This off-phase type sound goes quite close to a
Telecaster even though the glimmering pickup overtones has bit of Les
Paul flavor and the general light weight of the instrument has an
obvious impact on the sound (lots of air chambers inside the body).

The melody guitar was played with an optional expression pedal to
swell vs freeze two delays set to different loop length, hence the
sort of pedal steel/synth pad vibe here and there. And I'm happy with
the bass as well; recorded it with a cello on the lowest string. Gave
a bit of the Paul McCartney Hoefner sound (when restraining from doing
any fretless vibrato). Quite far from the bass sound you get with a
Chapman Stick ;-)

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen