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Re: McMillan 12 step anyone?

William Walker wrote:
well the first important thing I learned about Mobius and Echoloop is they both would rather be triggered with midi notes. Ugh!

Echoloop also has a setting where it can be triggered by PC.
(but indeed, SUS commands are out...although possible that QuantSUS could 
work, I'm not sure)

...but they have to be the right value...so the controller still needs to 
be programmed.

one has used the 12 step? certain features make it more interesting and seemingly more out of the box use-able than the Soft Step for midi note driven software loopers,

"chromatic layout" ...could mean the layout isn't user configurable.

The fact that CC and PC are not assignable to switches also points
to this being intended for melodic playing of an instrument.

Indeed, all the available literature points to this.

If this is true it would work with fine Mobius
(with some programming of Mobius)
and not at all with Echoloop.