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Re: Audio path tweakage

Doing so would mean that you will lose the  capability to cut out bad frequecies in all you signals before summing or sending to looprrs. To me that sounds like a big sacrifice. 

Have you applied noise gates at strategic places? Cleaning out noise floor shit transforms the noise into becomimg part of the music, making ot all sound punchier

Den måndagen den 26:e augusti 2013 skrev mark francombe:

Once a year I have a bash at trying to clean up my rig, change some cables, work on better audio path, and try to get rid of some more hiss, hum and filth.

So, Question:

Using the maxim "less is more" (a maxim that I abhor and can see no value in whatsoever) I am wondering the following thing.

My rig (simplified) is thus. 

Various Audio Sources >> mixer >> send out >> daisy chain cable to various loopers >> loopers >> mixer.

Therefore, I have the possibility, risking feedback, of looping a looper.

However I NEVER use this function, and was wondering. 
If I simply SPLIT the signal from my various audio devices BEFORE the mixer (passively, just on a patch bay, and go direct into the daisy chain cable to the loopers, NOT via the send, THEN there is one less audio stage the signal must go thru. I will have less level control (currently I have the channel send level controls AND an overall send level control) but I can still set input levels individually on the loopers...

Is this sound Audiowise? Or should this splitting be done with some kinda amp? (Bare in mind that I have no money left (after the Gordius purchase, expected any day) or Rack space, for any other products!


Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen