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Re: KILL SWITCH/electric guitar recommendations?

I don't have this on my guitars, but I know many are using the so-called vandal-safe ones.
Some can be good looking, like black, brushed stainless.., and not 

Try a search on sevenstring.org/forum where it's regularly being discussed.
(google:  "site:sevenstring.org/forum killswitch")


Rick Walker wrote:
I had a URL for a  KILL SWITCH for a custom tenor guitar
I"m having made, but it no longer is extant.

These came highly recommended and I wondered if anyone has any experience with them.

But I've also heard that video game switches can be faster to manipulate than
typical guitar styled 'kill switches'.

The standard toggle switch on a guitar is not really fast enough for very
quick 'slicing and dicing' techniques,  so I wondered,  what's the poop

Anyone know what Torn uses,   out of curiosity?


Rick Walker

van Sinn