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Re: OT: Who do I remind you of?

Torn,  Frisell, Lanois, and maybe Vini Reilly.


On Sep 2, 2013, at 8:51 PM, Kevin Cheli-Colando wrote:

Try Daniel Lanois.  He plays a mean lap steel in a unique and beautiful way, not so unlike you.  Common denominator bring the instrument and beautiful, if different, music.

Just in case you're not familiar, he's produced Neil young, bob Dylan, U2 and others and has a great body of solo work as well.

Good company to be in I'd say.


On Monday, September 2, 2013, Richard Sales wrote:
Not sure Bill, but I believe this is all about search values.  In other words, it's so when people search for, say, David Torn and they find you, they say YEA... I WANNA BUY IT.  I don't think it's really so much what you really think you SOUND like, but who you think people might search for that are looking for music like yours.  Or maybe your level of 'difference'.  Does that make sense?
I think that takes some of the onus off the issue.  You sound like Bill Walker - plain and simple.  But when people hunt for another artist and CD Baby pops up your name, you would hope that those folks would find your music interesting and wanna buy it.  Frisell might be good... even John Fahey might be good.  People that look for John's music are looking for different music.  The problem with Frissel might be that jazz folks might come sniffing.  Jeff Beck might be good.
And I think you can always change these references down the road.
Not having heard what your record sounds like it's hard to say.
It's sort of like 'genre' but more specific.  It's for people looking for a new thrill sort of like the old thrill but different.
It's also CD Baby's way of snagging you new friends.
All that matters is that people who get directed to you like what they find, not that you sound like that person. If they wanted that person they'd buy that person.
Just a thought

On Mon, Sep 2, 2013 at 7:55 PM, William Walker <billwalker@baymoon.com> wrote:
Dear list friends, I have a question I wanted to put out to any of you who have heard me play, The reason I'm asking is I'm about to put out my first solo music in ages and the first in a way that anyone anywhere can access it. and I've been asked this question by CD baby who is handling my distribution,  initially,   List 3 musicians you sound the most like? And honestly I can't  really say. I actually don't particularly care to compare in this way, but for the sake of marketing i'm giving it a go. I would gravitate toward naming influences, particularly those who's audience I would love to cultivate. But it would be presumptuous of me to name an influence like Jeff Beck, or David Torn, or Terje Rypdal, Bill Frisell, etc..   or any of a number of guitarists, simply because I don't think I sound like any of those guys. However, there have been enough gigs over the years where some complete stranger comes up and says they remind me of such and such: Adrian Belew, was the cultural reference point in a club in Osaka for two young dudes in 1992, who were watching me play. So I'm interested to know what you my Cyber pals have to say and I ask any of you who care to comment, does my playing remind you of anyone? 
Self promotion is a Bitch!
Thanks for your indulgence

richard sales

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