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Re: Re: OT: Who do I remind you of?

On 9/2/2013 8:28 PM, Richard Sales wrote:
Not sure Bill, but I believe this is all about search values. In other words, it's so when people search for, say, David Torn and they find you, they say YEA... I WANNA BUY IT. I don't think it's really so much what you really think you SOUND like, but who you think people might search for that are looking for music like yours.

I completely agree and, though you had a lot of Jeff Beck influence in your early playing, I don't think people going to look for Jeff Beck would necessarily go looking for the kind of music you are playing currently. Torn would, however, be someone who I could see compared to music LIKE yours. In a way, similarly, Eivin Aarset would be a good reference point...............because there is a lot of ambient influence in your sound, combined, of course, with a lot of rhythmic stuff, too, someone like Steve Roach might be appropriate

So yeah, I agree with Richard's assesment: it's about who's music would 'go well' with what you do and not 'who do you sound like' or what influences do you have.