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Re: OT: Who do I remind you of?


I sympathize with your dilemma. 

I cannot think of anybody else you particularly sound like either.

And I assume that (like many of us) you play differently and sound 
differently in different contexts.

When I listen to your "Fields and Fences" CD with Erdem, I might tend to 
liken your playing to that of a Michael Brook or somebody like that - 
however far-fetched that might sound to you.

But when you are totally on your own it is different yet still.

I have no answers for you.

Best of luck.


On Sep 2, 2013, at 7:55 PM, William Walker wrote:

> Dear list friends, I have a question I wanted to put out to any of you 
> who have heard me play, The reason I'm asking is I'm about to put out my 
> first solo music in ages and the first in a way that anyone anywhere can 
> access it. and I've been asked this question by CD baby who is handling 
> my distribution,  initially,   List 3 musicians you sound the most like? 
> And honestly I can't  really say. I actually don't particularly care to 
> compare in this way, but for the sake of marketing i'm giving it a go. I 
> would gravitate toward naming influences, particularly those who's 
> audience I would love to cultivate. But it would be presumptuous of me 
> to name an influence like Jeff Beck, or David Torn, or Terje Rypdal, 
> Bill Frisell, etc..   or any of a number of guitarists, simply because I 
> don't think I sound like any of those guys. However, there have been 
> enough gigs over the years where some complete stranger comes up and 
> says they remind me of such and such: Adrian Belew, was the cultural 
> reference point in a club in Osaka for two young dudes in 1992, who were 
> watching me play. So I'm interested to know what you my Cyber pals have 
> to say and I ask any of you who care to comment, does my playing remind 
> you of anyone? 
> Self promotion is a Bitch!
> Thanks for your indulgence
>  Bill