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Re: midi visualizer vst?

Hi Michael,

You could program something like that in GEM: http://gem.iem.at/

I programmed a system to visualize amplitude, spatial location and pitch-height not so long ago. if you want, you can download the patch from this link:


On Sun, Sep 8, 2013 at 2:56 PM, Amy X Neuburg <amyx@isproductions.com> wrote:
Check out the work of Tim Thompson: http://nosuch.com/tjt/. He developed a system for beautiful MIDI-triggered visuals for several projects I was in... You may need to explore his site as I can't recall what he named it -- he's very accessible and knowledgeable if you have questions.

On 09/08/2013 9:36 am, Dennis Moser wrote:

Are you familiar with Peter Kirn's most excellent blog, "Create
Digital Motion?" (http://createdigitalmotion.com/ [1]). He's also on
FaceBook (https://www.facebook.com/peterkirn?fref=ts [2]) and is

currently living in Berlin.

He's easy to contact and may be able to help point you in the right direction.

Best to all on this gray, rainy, Fall morning up here on the taiga,


http://soundcloud.com/usrsbin [3]
http://audiozoloft.com [4]
 http://usrslashsbin.angrek.com/ [5]

On Sun, Sep 8, 2013 at 7:09 AM, Michael Peters <mp@mpeters.de> wrote:

I posted this several years ago and there is still nothing that I find convincing. Or is there? a midi visualizer vst plugin? computers should be fast enough to do something nice.


today I thought it would be very cool if I could dynamically visualize my own live music, but not with one of the many available audio based visualizers (like in Winamp) but midi controlled - e.g. by playing my midified guitar. I thought with midi I could have a much more precise  and definable control over all parameters. I guess this can all be easily  done with Max and Jitter but maybe there is a simple readymade tool for  this? that I could plug into my Bidule? in Windows? I couldn't find anything strangely enough. Am I the first to imagine such a tool?

[1] http://createdigitalmotion.com/
[2] https://www.facebook.com/peterkirn?fref=ts
[3] http://soundcloud.com/usrsbin
[4] http://audiozoloft.com
[5] http://usrslashsbin.angrek.com/

Amy X Neuburg