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Re: Best high quality,super compact mixer?

Kind of late reply, but no one mentioned it:

Am 23.08.13 03:18, schrieb Rick Walker:
I've always trusted Mackie VLZ pro mixers
and have owned three of them but my beloved
Mackie 1402 VLZ2 mixer is finally ready for the dustbin.

I've also begun to notice that there are a bunch of new
highly compact and lightweight multiple pre-amp mixers
on the market now.

What do you use and how satisfied are you with it's use?

I have this Peavey RQ 200. Real Faders, six mic inputs, channels 3 to 6 have stereo line inputs with independent gain control to give you a total of 14 independent inputs. The size is smaller than your 1402 and even Behringer made a clone...

I don't know if Peavey is still making them though...
I am completely happy with it...

I have seen one on ebay:

greetings from Berlin


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