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Architectural Rhythms Photo Essay on Flickr

Title: Architectural Rhythms Photo Essay on Flickr

I put a new photo essay on Flickr entitled Sand and Wood at La Push These images can be seen at http://www.flickr.com/photos/22231918@N06/sets/72157635491037010

I first visited La Push, Washington in 2008. Two days of magical mist with the light changing every 30 seconds. You can see some video from there at Visions of La Push Jeff Duke Mix I couldn't wait to get back there.

I got back there for two days this past August. Unfortunately(!) it was sunny almost the whole time and never misted up. Perfect light for photographing sand patterns and huge pieces of driftwood.Th     e driftwood provided infinite textural possibilities. People had carved their names into some of them, but there  were so many untouched logs that the carvings were a variation rather than an annoyance.

The sand was particularly interesting when the wind blew it into wave-like patterns Fortunately, none of the sand got into my cameras.

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