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Re: Re: CREATION of an INTERNATIONAL LIVE LOOPER TRAVELING DATABASE for connecting tours and creating new festivals

On 9/20/2013 11:28 AM, TripleOhNine wrote:
I would be happy to help in said noble endeavor, and would maintain the confidentiality of the list with my last life's breath.

I imagine it would be shared with coordinators of live looping events, however, perhaps sending them a list of loopers to invite in their geographic area?

Michael Carlson (3x09)

My intention would be to make it be available to the entire community with the proviso that people respect it's privacy viz a vis anything outside of the community (in other words, never to be used for any non-live looping
or commercial reason).

I say this because many event promoters in the past, knowing that i have a rather large list of world wide loopers and also a very large list of 'fans' in my own particular region have asked me to use those lists and I resolutely DO NOT SHARE THEM for the reasons of protecting
those on it from SPAM.

Does that make sense?