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Hi everybody,

This has been an exciting year with the advent of really beautifully and professionally produced
festivals in Europe and the UK (as the first official 'satellites' of Y2K13) this past summer.

The Fall promises to be exciting too,  with Noah Peterson producing Y2K13 Looping Festivals
for the very first time in Portland, Seattle and San Antonio, Texas
as well as a one day 'Best of Y2K13 Loop Fest" in San Jose,   "The Experimental Side of the
Y2K13 Loop Fest" in San Francisco and the
MAIN FESTIVAL just outside of Santa Cruz.

We have lost our beloved venue this year for the first time in many years
and , try as we may,  we were unable to find another suitable venue inside of the
city limits of Santa Cruz.

We lucked out, however, because the TREASURES ROADHOUSE venue (a very nice small
professional venue with the best staging we've ever had for any California festival)
just opened up in Corralitos,  15 minutes drive from Santa Cruz on Saturday and Sunday,
October 19 + 20)

Also,  Brad and Sandy Taylor have generously donated their beautiful home for the
opening ceremonies of the Festival on Friday night,  October 18.

We will need to rent vehicles for artist and some audience transportation from our main compound
and we will probably see a drop in attendance due to the newness of the venue and the transportation

Sooooo.....................If you have it in you financially, and spiritually.  we can
really use some monetary donations (and volunteer donations) so that we can pull this thing off,
once again
and also so that I can pay my wonderful staff for all their hard work over the entire week.
It's a hell of a lot of work considering that it involves five different concerts so I always try to pay my staff well.

Any donations are welcome no matter how small (or large) and can be sent through
PAYPAL  to my account  at     looppool@cruzio.com

Thanks so much, as always for making this wonderful festival possible.

and, just so you know,    a HUGE expansion of the festival in Northern Europe, the UK and
Southeast Asia is planned for Y2K14.     I'm really excited about this prospect.

gratefully yours,     Rick Walker 
founder Y2K13 International Live Looping Festivals