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Re: Re: CREATION of an INTERNATIONAL LIVE LOOPER TRAVELING DATABASE for connecting tours and creating new festivals

On 9/21/2013 12:08 AM, Z wrote:
Very interesting idea, but I don't see the point of having a 
'confidential' list. Beyond a public database driven list of Live-looping 
URLs with contact emails and some geographical and style indications, 
isn't there much more necessary?

*Yes, I think you are correct. I just know that when e-mail lists get created, there are always people who want to 'mine' them for their own promotional purposes (historically, in my own experience, so that they can
publicize their gigs and/or recordings)

I just wanted to errr on the said of not giving them out
as a 'list'.

In other words if we create a public data base, then someone who wanted to 'mine' it , would have to go to a lot of work
to compile it as a list.

I'm just want to put it out there that we should do what little we can do to discourage 'sharing' that collated data base with other.

It's not a huge deal, however and no one seems to be complaining about our intention to create it. I just try to err on the side of being ethical always when sharing people's info online.

Also, this list would also be different from the lists compiled already at Loopers Delight, in that it would be people who are saying, essentially, "I'm looking to tour in other places, can you put me up?" or "I welcome traveling loopers to my area and would be happy to put them up and create a live looping gig so we can all play"

That's actually a much more specific list than just a large loopers list and it would save traveling artists considerable
efforts in booking their own tours if it existed.

I know because it took a lot of energy to book a 5 week tour in Europe/UK this past year. Such a list would have saved so
much time in doing so.

*yours, Rick*