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Re: reducing "time to setup"--

Yay Jeff! So glad you and amy now know each other!   What any does with 
möbius is truly wonderful!  We're meeting next week to do a duo möbius set 

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> On Dec 5, 2013, at 10:43 PM, Jeff Larson <jeff.larson@sailpoint.com> 
> wrote:
>> and as far as I can tell in Mobius you have to manually futz
>> with your computer on stage in order to load a Project. This 
>> breaks my rule of never touching my computer.
> It is possible to load projects from scripts which you can then
> run from any MIDI event.  If you're interested you would
> write a script like this:
>   !name Load My Project
>   load "c:/Path/To/My/Project/myproject.mob"
> The file path you put after the load would be the same as what
> you would select with the File->Load Project popup window.
> The only things to be careful of is that this will do a Global 
> Reset so everything you currently have will be lost.  Put this
> on a MIDI switch you're not likely to hit by accident.  Also it can
> take a second or two to load everything if the project is complex so 
> give it some time to settle in before you start using it.
> Let me know if you need help setting this up.
> Jeff
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> From: Amy X Neuburg <amyx@isproductions.com>
> Sent: Thursday, December 05, 2013 6:03 PM
> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> Subject: Re: reducing "time to setup"--
> This is an interesting question that I consider often, especially when
> creating pure audio versions of my looped music (for listening as
> opposed to live performance).
> The most basic answer is: without any sort of "cheating" there is no
> way to minimize the ramp-up, and for me this is, indeed, sort of the
> point. The process of live looping is, one hopes, interesting in itself
> for the audience to watch, as it makes them feel they are in on the
> creative process. So in general they are "with" you as you do this, but
> that said, I feel it's really important to use this buildup time in a
> musical way as part of the composition itself. If written thoughtfully,
> the initial buildup time can be really compelling compositionally,
> keeping the audience wondering what's going to happen next. So my best
> advice is to think carefully about each individual layer to make sure it
> is in itself musical.
> You can also cheat, if you use a program such as Mobius that allows you
> to load pre-recorded "Projects." I have a couple of songs that use this
> technique, allowing each track to enter organically by unmuting it, but
> not having to spend the time actually recoding it. The two problems with
> this method are: your own ethics around how much material you're
> comfortable pre-recording (I figure since I am triggering the entrances
> in a visible way there is still a "live" element to this), and as far as
> I can tell in Mobius you have to manually futz with your computer on
> stage in order to load a Project. This breaks my rule of never touching
> my computer.
> In putting out my songs on CD I occasionally shorten the lead-in time
> if I feel that without the visual the layering is not in itself
> compelling, but if you've really given each layer musical deliberation,
> as I suggest above, this shouldn't even be necessary.
> My way too many cents.
> xx
>> On 12/05/2013 3:28 pm, Rusty Perez wrote:
>> Hi Andy and others,
>> I've been looping for a while, song bassed looping to back my singing
>> and create a fuller sound, but I find myself sortof waiting to realy
>> kick in until I've built up a couple of layers.
>> Could you please elaborate on ways you've found to minimize this
>> "rampup" time?
>> Thanks so much!
>> Rusty
>>> On 12/5/13, andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> wrote:
>>>> On 05/12/2013 15:12, Mike Fugazzi wrote:
>>>> Basically, I want to do some more complex arrangements via
>>>> some stored loops so it doesn't take a minute to get into a full
>>>> song.
>>> You really don't need stored loops to achieve that.
>>> A large proportion of the artists on this list solved this problem
>>> in a whole load of different ways.
>>> There doesn't need to be that "just wait till I set up my backing"
>>> time.
>>> Andy
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