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Re: Re: Loopfests Need YOU!

On 3/2/2014 2:28 AM, Stefan Tiedje wrote:
Getting late on that thread, I wonder no one mentioned hitchhiking...;-)
If I'd be there I'd do it just for fun... Adding to my hitchhikers diary project... If it worked in flower power times it will work today as well, the flower power people are not dead yet...;-)


No, Stefan,  but it is dangerous to hitchhike in California, unfortunately,

No one picks up hitchikers and you don't see people hitchiking where I live
or it is really rare.

It's infinitely sad to me to say this, because I hitchiked all over California in
late sixties and very early seventies and picked up hitchikers constantly.
Those were back in the days when if a man had long hair, he was your brother.

The Hells Angel killings at the Stones concert in Altamont and the Serial Killers in Northern and Southern California put a stop to that, unfortunately. There were three serial killers in Santa Cruz in 72 and onwards. We made the cover of the national TIME magazine as the 'Murder Capital of the World'.

So sad.

yours,   Rick