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Re: wikipedia page on livelooping Need Secondary Sources!

zippypong I believe. I probably won't be doing much additional editing on wikipedia; just too much to do with Boomerang and a bunch of gigs I've come into over the last few months.

On 24-Mar-14 4:36 PM, andy butler wrote:

On 24/03/2014 20:38, Mike wrote:
     I just made modest changes to both wikipedia entries and place a 
reference to loop_(music), the more
substantial entry, on Live_looping.

go for it!

(couldn't really work out what you did though)
What name are you editing under? (assuming  you don't mind saying)

Looks like the Live Looping  page has "notability issues".

Do we  have secondary sources to quote to "prove" that
live looping is a significant topic?

(That's where someone writes about it, and someone else
quotes and references it).

There's some academic papers around.



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