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possibly the first loop-themed video game

Hello! You may remember somebody two years ago posting about 
DarwinTunes.org, the loops that reproduce and mutate and evolve. Well, in 
early 2013, that wave of evolooption stopped happening; the DarwinTunes 
creator caused the Apocaloopse, and DarwinTunes loops were no longer being 
heard. Well, several months ago, this evolooption came back in the form of 
the DarwinTunes Multiplayer Game. You go online (not with Internet 
Explorer, but with something like Chrome or Firefox due to a glitch), you 
go to the site, go to the game, click play, and enter a username and 
password. In the game, everybody has a virtual "child loop", and as the 
loops evolve, the users have loops, and they can choose other loops to 
cross-breed with to make the new loop sounds. Check out the new 
DarwinTunes, which is now a video game, making it possibly the first video 
game to be about audio looping, but obviously not the first one to use 
audio looping in its soundtrack.
Tyler Z